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My name is Patrick Carmichael, and I'm a New York based drummer/percussionist.  Here on this website, you can hear samples of my drumming, watch a few videos, and read about some of the fun projects that I'm involved in.  The latest big news, however, is the release of my latest album, Sanctuary.  OK - I know what you're thinking - almost every musician that you know puts out a solo album at some point, so big deal...   Well, you're right - however, most album projects involve gathering 4 or 5 guys (or one guy does it all), spending a few days in the studio, a day or two mixing, then poof! An album is made!!...    Not me.  I have spent over 2 years making this album, utilizing the talents of more than 25 musicians, not to mention countless hours myself working with synthesizers, sample libraries, and computer production.  I couldn't be happier with the final results, as making music on the level of what's represented on Sanctuary has been a lifelong ambition.  Click here to listen to samples and purchase a copy of the album for yourself.  

Drumming Credits

Greetings!  Over 25 years of professional experience has blessed me with the opportunity to travel to exotic locations around the world, play a multitude of styles of music, and work with many amazing artists.  If you're needing a drummer for whatever scope of performance, I'd be more than delighted to bring this experience to your project.  

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In the Studio

I absolutely love going into the studio, where I have a meticulous work ethic of achieving just the right sound and vibe.  I take a lot of pride in the studio work, as you can hear from the various excerpts of some of my recordings.

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Home Recording

If your project is on a budget, I have an alternative approach to creating drum tracks that may work for you.  

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I invented a handy device that every drummer shouldn't be without.  

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Flea Circus

Flea Circus is my own band that I lead and write music for.  It's a throwback to '60's era lounge and soul jazz music, and we play around the New York City area.

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Van Davis

Van Davis is a band that I've playing with since 2001.  We started out as a fusion instrumental trio, but we've since then added a vocalist and now we do mostly original funky R&B style tunes.  We're a lot of fun, and we play around the New York area.  

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"My motto: Start Simple!"