During the last decade, composing and producing music has played a gradually increasing role in my career. Many of my instrumental compositions have been licensed for television and internet shows by companies and networks like Nike, CNN, BBC America, and National Geographic Explorer.  I have also composed music for specific commissions, so if you have a audio/visual project that you need music for, I'm available and eager.  On this page, feel free to listen to the various compositions that I have done to get an idea for what I'm capable of.

Here is a clip where one of my tunes was used as a backdrop for the opening sequence of an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's internet comedy show:

Listen to Excerpts of some of my compositions:

Upbeat and Happy:

Dark and Mysterious:

Cinematic and Orchestral:

Listen to music from my albums:

Music Videos:

Here is a music video of the song "Ode to Quena", from my 2017 Album, SANCTUARY. The video is constructed of personal footage from a vacation I took with my wife to North India:
Here is a video that my brother, Quinn, put together using drone footage from his 2016 trip to Chile. He used my song, "Andean Serenade", from my recent album, SANCTUARY, for the music:

Patrick Carmichael