Current Bands

Flea Circus

Flea Circus w:record player

Flea Circus, in its present form, is an organ trio (it has been different instrumental configurations in the past) that features Patrick Carmichael as drummer and composer.  Inspired by the golden age of lounge music, Flea Circus has a vast repertoire that includes '60's era soul jazz, world music, and swing.  Their upbeat and happy melodic style is always a crowd pleaser.  

Burlesque to Broadway

Burlesque to Broadway

Bridging the musical might between the worlds of burlesque, Broadway and beyond, this show takes you to a time and place where variety ruled with glamour, powerful vocals, hit music, and seductive dance.  Starring Quinn Lemley, this chronological tribute to burlesque features a rockin' 10 piece band, 4 seductive female dancers, and Quinn herself at the helm.  

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Van Davis

Van Davis Full Pic

VAN DAVIS is a rock-funk group that has been performing consistently in NYC for 10 years and counting. The band's two current releases Van Davis and Have You Seen This Band? were both met with critical acclaim from jazz and rock worlds, and the band performs regularly at the famed NYC jazz venue 55 Bar.  Now with the addition of soulful vocalist Abena Koomson and their new release Come With Me, the band has taken its sound to an exciting new place, rooted in tasteful melodic songwriting, thoughtful lyrics, along with the adventurous and unpredictable playing that Van Davis fans have come to expect.  Members include Jake Ezra Schwartz on Guitar, Jon Price on Bass, and Abena Koomson on vocals, as well as myself on drums

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