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Patrick Carmichael

Drums and Percussion
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Greetings, and welcome to my website!


My name is Patrick Carmichael, and I'm a New York based drummer/percussionist.  Here on this website, you can hear samples of my drumming, watch my fun animated videos, and read about some of the fun projects that I'm involved in.  You can also check out my latest album, Sanctuary.  I have spent over 2 years making this album, utilizing the talents of more than 25 musicians, not to mention countless hours myself working with synthesizers, sample libraries, and computer production.  I couldn't be happier with the final results, as making music on the level of what's represented on Sanctuary has been a lifelong ambition.  Click here to listen to samples and purchase a copy of the album for yourself. 

Drum and Percussion Collage - Patrick Carmichael
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As a professional drummer for over 25 years, I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world, playing a multitude of styles with many amazing artists.  I bring this experience, along with my contagious positive vibe, to every project I get called for.  In the studio, I have a meticulous work ethic of achieving just the right sound and vibe.  Years of playing along to click tracks has refined my tightness and groove, and I take a lot of pride in everything I record. 


I invented a handy device that no drummer should be without


Besides drumming, I write a lot of music, which is slowly becoming a bigger part of my artistic endeavors.  Listen to samples of my compositions, including my latest album, Sanctuary.

For those of you who have received a complimentary promotional copy of Sanctuary:

Please understand that this independent project of mine didn't happen without some significant cost.  If you've been enjoying your free copy of Sanctuary so much that you feel compelled to make a donation, please click on the Paypal link to the right.  You can contribute any amount you wish.

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