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Here are a few projects that I'm currently involved in.  


By the way, I designed this entire website myself.  Your thoughts and feedback would be helpful. 

Flea Circus

For Booking Information, Please contact Patrick Carmichael at:

(347) 432-7707

Flea Circus, a group so wonderfully evocative of the golden age of lounge music, is an instrumental lounge/jazz band that has been around the New York area since the turn of the century. This is my own personal group, and I write most of the songs we play - sometimes quirky, sometimes intense, though always maintaining a strong melodic concept, giving the listener plenty to snap their fingers to.



My approach is to make music that I would actually enjoy listening to.  I have a deep appreciation for jazz, which I studied a lot in school, but sometimes I feel it can get a little too heady and intellectual.  Furthermore, I think there’s something wrong when the only people who seem to enjoy it are other musicians.  Therefore, I’ve created Flea Circus, which blends jazz with other kinds of lounge styles into an instrumental sound I like to refer to as “non-committed listening”.  There’s no doubt that the listeners out there would pin my music in the jazz category, but most people are drawn to it because they say it’s fun and uplifting.  Listeners often make the comment that the music of Flea Circus reminds them of television show themes or movie soundtracks, and my response is “Of course! When I was young, I was mostly entertainment by watching TV or going to the movies, so why not let that influence music?”  Making a humble contribution to the ever-expanding world of media, I vow to continue providing fun and entertaining music.  I feel like there’s a lot of potential for Flea Circus, which hasn’t even yet scratched the surface.  

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If you're interested in booking Flea Circus, it means you're an awesome person!! 

Please contact Patrick Carmichael at:

(347) 432-7707

Van Davis is a four piece funk-rock-jazz band that includes Jake Schwartz on guitar, Jon Price on bass, and Abena Koomson on vocals.  We have been playing around the NYC area, most notably the 55 Bar, since 2004.  We originated as an instrumental trio seeking to play original music and mutually appreciated funky jazz repertoire, then Abena joined the group years later and added a whole new element. We have a blast every time we play, though probably the most memorable show was when Stevie Wonder sat in with us at a United Nations gala in 2015.  

Bulldozer was an Off-Broadway musical that ran in New York City in 2018.  It was about Robert Moses, the infamous city planner who wielded immense power in reshaping the current layout of New York City.  This rocking show featured an all star cast of 5, and a band of 4 with me at the helm performing the roll of "musical director" as well as drummer.  

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