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In addition to working as a drummer, I do a lot of music composing. Many of my instrumental compositions have been licensed for television and internet shows by companies and networks like Nike, CNN, BBC America, and National Geographic Explorer. I have also composed music for specific commissions, and am currently available for any audio/visual project that you need music for.  On this page, you can listen to samples of my composition styles.  If you would like to collaborate with me or use any of my compositions for your project, don't hesitate to contact me.

Here is a clip of one of my songs being used as background music in a TV show:
Orchestral and Cinematic:
Dark and Mysterious:
Upbeat and Happy:


Sanctuary is a 10 song album of instrumental compositions.  Stylistically, the closest category that it falls under is "world music - new age".  The original influences came from the traditional songs and instruments indigenous to the South American Andes mountains.  From there, I ventured beyond into other worldly influences from Brazil, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and even the Middle East.  On one hand, Sanctuary represents my deep appreciation for groove and feel.  However, there is a prevailing tapestry of lush harmonies and soaring melodies, giving almost every song an almost cinematic quality.

Sanctuary - Composition

Flea Circus -

My Vinyl Youth

Flea Circus, "My Vinyl Youth" is a 7 song album I created in 2001.  The main influences of this album are from the lounge music and boogaloo jazz of the 60's.  Although I wrote all of the songs, it mostly features the various musicians in a jazz setting.

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These are a few of my most recent self-produced video projects involving my compositions:

Here are a few clips from DVD documentary about a spiritual guru named Swami Rudrananda that I composed some music for:

Here are a few videos created from footage from India and Chile that were set to songs from the album "Sanctuary":

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